Amidst the Shadows of Trees

"The nightmarish cover art taps into familiar archetypes of perverted childhood, lost innocence and danger in the woods – themes reminiscent of such fables as “Hansel and Gretel” – and foreshadows the astounding narrative of how the now 73-year-old Brysk’s survival as a child of the Holocaust."

Marilyn Krainer – Michigan Jewish History, vol. 48, 2008, 64-65
Etched in My Memory.jpg

Etched in My Memory

"This collection brings the reader beyond a description of the horrors of the Holocaust into the heart and soul of a survivor, way beyond the material losses of the experience, to the core of what surviving such horror can leave inside a person, never to be forgotten."

Roberta Goldberg, January 2016
The Stones Weep Cover.jpg

The Stones Weep

"Miriam Brysk follows her memoir, Amidst the Shadows of Trees, with the engaging The Stones Weep: Teaching the Holocaust through a Survivor's Art. This book is an effective tool for teaching young children through the stunning full-page color reproductions of her art work concerning the most terrible time in history."

Sal Glynn, January 2014