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Etched in My Memory

Etched in My Memory by Miriam M. Brysk is a rare book indeed. It is rare because although there are many books of poetry, most are a beautiful compilation of words...this is an incredible expression of feelings which are rarely expressed with such clarity and beauty. This collection brings the reader beyond a description of the horrors of the Holocaust into the heart and soul of a survivor, way beyond the material losses of the experience, to the core of what surviving such horror can leave inside a person, never to be forgotten. Miriam Brysk is a scientist, a writer and an artist who is devoting her life to not allowing the world forget what an event like the Holocaust cost humanity and the world. This book of poetry is both the most personal and most universal expression of feelings. To those of us old enough to remember the Holocaust, and those who are too young to have such memories and think of that time as "only" history, "Etched in My Memory" will bring a new dimension to the seminal event of the 20th Century.

Roberta Goldberg, January 2016


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